Norwegian Forest Cats 


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Zivannaz is a small home based cattery based in Bignal End, Staffordshire.  Our kittens are all born and raised indoors and are accustomed to all the creature comforts of being a loved family pet from day one.  We will occasionaly sell to selected fellow breeders but prefer our kittens to go to pet homes.


Our aim is to breed healthy Norwegian Forest Cats, just as nature intended them to be.   NFC's or Wegies come in a wide variety of colours and coat patterns, they are a natural breed,  semi-long-haired with a long outer or guard coat and a dense wooly undercoat - ideal for the extremes of weather in their native land.   In the summer the coat is cast to cope with the warmer  temperatures.


Norwegian Forest Cats make excellent house cats as they are such sweet gentle giants.   They enjoy the company of both humans and other animals.


 But buy a Wegie at your own risk, they are addictive!!!

We have kittens .    Please call or email for further information.


abi's first litter all 7

The kittens in the above image are an example of the beatiful kittens we breed



The red boy  " Horatio "still lives with me, the other six now have wonderful homes.

We currently have three solid white boys available.