Norwegian Forest Cats 

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My name is Ann and I am very lucky to live with many beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats.,


Norwegians were a breed of cat I had always admired and longed after yet was never able to have until the time was right.  Annabelle was my first Norwegian to grace our home, a beautiful gift from my daughter  Annie, who truly was destined to be with us.  As without realising it Julie managed to buy a cat whose name was a combination of both my sister (Isabelle) and my own (Ann) and who was actually born on my brother’s birthday!  Something to this day our family members regard as spooky!


Not long after Annabelle arrived it was suggested to us by her breeder to try our hand at showing so we did.  To our total delight Annabelle gained her first EX1and qualified for the winners show in October 2010.   She not only surprised us by being nominated for best in show, but actually won best overall neuter cat in the show.  


The Show scene was something which captured both our attention not just by the show itself but with the many beautiful cats and friends that we have made through it and still continue to do so.


Annie to me is the most stunning cat ever and who made such an ever lasting impression that I soon decided to add another addition to our family, however what started off as one ended up as three  little bundles of joy coming home the summer of 2010, Abi, Finn and Gibbs.  Then you could say the Weegie bug caught hold of us and we haven’t looked back!

Premier GB*Jotunkatts Annabelle


NFO f 24 Black Tortie Spotted Tabby




Annabelle Beautiful Annie's first day Home



First Day in her new home with her bestie Dylan